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December 7, 2017

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WHAT WE DO: We help business professionals, especially meeting planners, to work more strategically and to create value. Then also assist them to learn the latest sofware to keep tech-savvy.  


WHO WE WORK WITH: Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical, Financial and High Tech to  Meeting and Travel third-parties, and other Consulting/Learning companies.  


WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with our company, we help your people with what they need, and ONLY what they need, to perform more effectively. We help them to experience those "lightbulb" moments as they grasp more fully their part in your business process.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: We are not academics. We have specialized working in startup environments. Every facet is accelerated  -  from facilitation, to instructional design, to video production, to running an entire L&D function for a global company. We have been successful at explaining the "un-explainable," and simplifying complex process quickly for easy consumption on the fly. We understand in business there is little time for sitting in a classroom - there is work to be done. 


HOW IT WORKS: We shed light into dark corners, often overlooked fundamentals, and overall strategy. We design and execute onsite, online and on demand learning programs. We manage the project using every learning tool available, from 1on1 coaching, workshops, classrooms, videos, and info-graphics to simplify and clarify the business objectives.  Or we act as a consultant or "pair of hands" to help get things done. 


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Please see a sampling on the What Others Say section. 


READY TO TALK: Feel free to contact us on the contact page, drop a line to, or call us directly at 267.638.6062

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