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Here is what others say...


These are endorsements from clients and co-workers about our work.

Brian Smith 

"Mark turned StarCite's training on its' head when he designed and built the "Learning Lab". Training went from a webinar with a series of screenshots to a full hands-on experience where the trainer and the trainee worked together using real life scenarios to build and manage Meetings, RFPs, Budgets, and Registrations. This training was supported by on-line recorded sessions as well as "Quick Start" documents that could be downloaded by the user as a quick cheat sheet to help them through a process."


Sven J Huebecker
Amazon Fulfillment Germany GmbH

Trainees around the world could enjoy “the voice” to the full – he led his audience to the next level of personal success and easily increased their quality of workforce for the benefit of the company.


I highly recommend him and hope to cross paths with Mark again

Deborah Matarazzo

"What can you say about a person who is the best in his field? Some words that come to mind...awesome, clear and concise, embracing, great speaker, passionate for his work, a great observer.

Mark's way of acccurately explaining things and adding a touch of humor keeps his students engaged and absorbed in what he has to say, a skill that he has mastered!!"

Chip Stockman
Axalta Coating Systems

On many occasions I have walked past his training center with people online from around the globe - his calm, supportive demeanor never failed to help these individuals get the training assignment completed and experience the success of their personal efforts which makes them stronger for their own organizations. 


He is certainly one in a million, and has earned many awards and accolades ... for his impeccable service.

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