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Virtual Services


We live where virtual learning and business meet. We offer services covering the second and hardest part of any strategic learning program...ADOPTION.  From the Virtual Program Development and on to the Training and Coaching needed to implement a virtual learning program.

Strategic Virtual Programs


ADOPTION is the goal of any strategic program. All the planning is for nothing if there is no or slow adoption.  


We enhance value of your program by using online and on demand resources to garner buy-in and adoption of company investments; empower staff to optimize user functions, fully capture mission-critical data and provide Learning Analytics to track progress. 

Onsite, Online and On Demand 


Onsite - Hands-on, quality-driven trainers that were meeting planners. They take personal accountability for program outcomes and learner knowledge acquisition to ensure clear understanding of concepts and processes presented.


Online - compliments the onsite with the same hands-on approach, but it expands the reach to global - we can reach attendees, anywhere. 


Ondemand - Enhance your program with a video, (click above for a sample) quickstart or other on demand component. We use our award winning experience to craft the experience for the learners. It expands your reach to anytime and adds it to anywhere. 

Hybrid Meeting Services


Consulting on various aspects of Hybrid Meeting Management. 


Agile Project Management

Data Optimization

Report Configuration

Attendee Management Websites

Implementation Methodologies

Meeting Planner Mentoring. 


We help bring your hybrid program to life then we  move on. 

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