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Learning is...Environment, Environment, Environment

Learning and neuroscience experts from Ken Robinson to John Medina have long stated that good learning takes place in a good environment. Donna Robbins adds to the why in latest issue of "td" magazine in her article: The Science Behind Exceptional Learning.

"This is because information enters the brain through the thalamus, an organ that decides whether the incoming information requires action or if it is benign. If benign, the neocortex takes over and we can make rational decisions. However, if the thalamus senses attack (verbal, physical, real, or imagined), the amygdala takes over.

The amygdala has only one purpose: to defend and protect us. It has no rational thought and when activated…So if we find ourselves in a situation in which we feel stressed or under attack, the amygdala makes rational thought and learning difficult or even impossible. Conversely, when we experience positive emotions, when we feel supported and respected, the left side of the brain lights up on an MRI, blood pressure drops, and learning is possible."

It's not weakness, but rather the way the brain is designed. Good teachers and trainers recognize it and attempt to build a good environment for learning. (While they realize some personal stress lies outside their control.)

Have you noticed the same?

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