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Learning is...the new work

"Work used to be simple - tasks were mechanical and rarely changed so initial lessons lasted a lifetime. Next came more complex information work, has been commoditized; it no longer produces high value. Todays most rewarding work is conceptional, working with novel solutions on the fly. Innovation is more important than production," wrote Jay Cross in CLO magazine.

He continues, "In a world of rapid change, learning can never stop. Social and informal learning can't be isolated from the work itself. Learning is work."

While there are occasions to separate learning from work, more often they are combined - learning while working, learning on the job or working smarter. Micro-learning, gamification and simulators are being adopted by learning professionals who are no longer ancillary, but deeply embedded in the value creation process. Learning is the new work.

Have you noticed it? How often are you asked to learn a new business process, a new software tool, or redefine an existing structure?

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