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Learning…is NOT a delivery system

Many corporate learning programs I've seen are designed to simply deliver information to a captive audience. Anyone can do it, just stand in front off the class and read the powerpoint. Do it over and over and over…Right?

Current learning models were established during the industrial revolution. They mirrored the mass produced, linear, efficiencies of scale that were the rage. Move 'em down the conveyor belt from one station to the next. One size fits all. It de-personalized and de-humanized the process. It de-professionalized trainers and bored students.

Todays requirements for learning are greatly accelerated. Thankfully, the human brain is a creative learning tool that's up to the task. Turn it loose and it can do incredible things. It wants to learn, it needs to learn to be happy. But, it requires inspiration, direction and support - not a conveyor belt.

The best learning programs and their teachers don't just deliver information. They inspire their learners with the why, give direction where to find resources and support when mistakes are made. (and mistakes are part of learning) They also know every learner is different and they adjust to ensure each one is engaged. Rather than a delivery system, good learning is a creative act. And good teachers have to be incredibly creative people.

Think of the best teachers or coaches you've encountered. They opened your eyes to what was really happening in Shakespeare, uncovered a secret of math, gave you tips on returning a tennis serve. Once you understood, you were inspired and they had you engaged in the learning. You and your brain were happy to experiment, practice and learn all about it. Yes, they delivered material, but did much more.

Have you noticed the same?

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