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Learning…is like a tablet

Since the invention of writing technology, (yes, writing is a recent invention) we seem to gravitate to the tablet as the preferred form factor. Ancient civilizations used clay tablets for their cuneiform writing. Early 20th century found school children using slate or chalk tablets. And 21st century learners are using an iPad or variant of it. (smartphones are simply a smaller tablet) Have you noticed?

I thought the tendency points out an important learning principle -- while technologies may change humans do not. We still have two hands, two ears and one mouth. Our form factor has not changed in a thousand years. So although technologies accelerate learning capabilities, we humans will always be the limiting factor.

No matter how capable, smart or gifted, as a race we can only take in information at a certain rate. And then can only act on it through our limitations. The tablet, rather than a mainframe computer or server farm, is a nice example of how we need our learning to be arranged. Small enough to fit into our hands. Limited enough for our eyes to comprehend it and for our brains to make sense of it, then use it.

And something to keep in mind when preparing learning for other humans...younger or older. But have you noticed the opposite is usually the case?

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